KADIKOY; explore and experience like a local

Kadikoy is a large cosmopolitan district on the asian side of Istanbul, on the shore of Marmara Sea. Since the ancient times Kadikoy has been a lively place with its narrow streets are adorned with varieties of cafes, bars and restaurants.

Boasting graceful minarets, fountains, tombs, churches, Turkish Baths, pavilions, quays, monuments and parks; Kadikoy is where history meets the current civilization.

The Cape of Moda, Kalamis, and Fenerbahce inlets, with their elegant individuality are some of the most important areas of the district. Bagdat street is also located in this area and is a popular destination for all ages.

What makes Kadikoy so unique is its location. In this mystifying city, Kadikoy serves as role of a doorway to the Bosphorus with its modern transportation facilities on rail, water and land.

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